Bisazza Tile Showroom, Soho
43 Greene Street
Spring 2003

The new showroom's design, by Bisazza's Italian designer, Studio Novembre, contrasts the historic Soho exterior with an original and contemporary interior. The design is a tunnel with convex walls and ceiling that leads the visitor into the expansive space of the main showroom. The Bisazza tiles are applied in a symmetrical geometric pattern that wraps the floor, walls and ceiling and creates a space unlike any of the other stark white Soho galleries.

Ellen Honigstock Architect PC, as the Architect of Record, was situated at the juncture of the contemporary interior design and the historic cast-iron envelope. EHAPC acted as the liaison between the groups in New York and Italy, including the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Bisazza Tile Company, and Studio Novembre. They gave shape to the designer's artistic expression and coordinating the building functions, providing air, light and weather protection.

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