Advertising Offices
570 Lexington Avenue
Spring 2001

The advertising firm wanted to move their offices downtown but, as a subsidiary of Grey Advertising, they were requested to stay close to the main office in midtown. Ericsson/Fina therefore asked the architects to design a downtown loft space in a midtown highrise. Ellen Honigstock, together with Frank Andre, created 6400 square feet of office space on two levels that included a conference room, executive offices and design studios. The goals were to integrate the two floors, maintain maximum light and openness throughout, and provide a creative environment for the young firm. The two levels were unified into one continuous space by means of a generous steel stair in the lobby that eliminated the use of the elevator between the two floors. As a result, the second level feels more like a mezzanine in a larger loft. Rather than dividing the studios with walls to create privacy, the architects used custom cabinetry and glass partitions that served a dual function and added to the character of the space. Interesting materials and furnishings were used throughout the offices; Finply, a high quality Finnish plywood with a colored surface, was used for all of the desks and cabinetry and mid-century paper Nelson lamps were hung in all of the studios. And, because of the nature of the firm, state-of-the-art media presentation equipment was integrated in all of the offices, including televisions and projectors.

Bjorg Photography

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