The Highline Competition
New York, NY
Spring 2003

The Highline is an abandoned railroad elevated above Chelsea in Manhattan. As a result of its abandonment grasses and native plantings have covered the train tracks creating an "Urban Meadow" that should be appreciated. It is a found object, an opportunity for the city to occupy a territory embedded within it but currently inaccessible.

EHAPC proposes to preserve the Urban Meadow where it exists and augment it where it does not by adding more plants and flowers. Above the Meadow they propose a meandering path, raised above the Meadow like the boardwalk of the Brooklyn Bridge, which would allow rain, light, air and views to penetrate. The path widens where the shade of the buildings limit the Meadow's growth and it splits apart to accommodate penetrations in the Highline structure that allow light to filter to the street below.

The Meadow is divided into five zones with distinctly different characteristics: Cultivated Meadow, Meditation Meadow, Art Meadow, Agora Meadow and Water Meadow. The path both creates and responds to the specific requirements of each zone. Vertically illuminated elevators provide access to the raised structure and act as visual markers that can be seen from the city. The major access points are also the areas of heightened activity and are covered by canopies that encourage gatherings.

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