InSite Advertising 149 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY
Spring 2003

This young advertising firm wanted to relocate to a larger space to accommodate its growing size and create a fun and enjoyable work atmosphere for its employees. As a charette exercise, EHAPC designed the 3800 sq. foot office space in two phases. In Phase I, InSite was provided with the layout and furnishings needed to relocate. In Phase II, inexpensive and creative installations were proposed for the space using the firm's own advertising concepts to add color and whimsy.

InSite's byline is "Media for a Captive Audience." The firm finds new and unusual sites, like toilet stalls and urinals, for advertising space and fills them with targeted ads. Similarly, EHAPC used the landscape of office furniture and cubicles created in Phase I of this project as the site for specific installations in Phase II. A path through the space was designed with inexpensive carpet tiles whose bright colors contrast with the neutral shades of the office furniture and concrete floor. The rug is entirely removable and the pattern can be custom designed as a puzzle of pieces that fit together. Blackboard material enclosing the hub of network servers and printers serves as a tableau for employees' thoughts and messages. The company logo becomes an abstracted pattern on the transom windows and their name is laser cut from the stainless steel sheet metal wrapping the reception desk. And finally, urinals with InSite's ads installed above them are placed in the conference room where they can be seen silhouetted through the translucent glass wall from the elevator lobby.

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