World Trade Center Competition
New York, NY
(Honigstock Scheme)

After destruction and death, first comes healing and then memory The moments of memory that exist in our minds of loved ones reflected in the time and space of this memorial. This place will acknowledge the enormous number of lives lost while also allowing for personal graveside reflection for the many families left without remains to inter

The memorial design is a 190' diameter Sphere nestled between the slurry wall and the South Tower footprint, The Sphere is divided into tow halves representing the ground and sky. Curved limestone slabs hug the surface of the bottom hemisphere. A lit backdrop surrounds the slabs so that each appears to be suspended within is own chapel of light. Each slab is engraved with one victim's name, their place of origin and the dates of their birth and death. The upper hemisphere is a steel armature with apertures equal in number and opposite in orientation to the memorial stones below

The sun traveling across the Sphere every day from sunup to sundown, will illuminate the stones through skylights. The ray of sunlight shining on an individual stone will honor that individual

The Memorial Sphere uses the same materials of the original World Trade Center towers. Stone, a material once belonging to the earth, will be raised to the surface, inscribed in memory, and will remain as permanent commemoration of each individual. Steel, strong, light, flexible and forgiving will comprise the armature of the memorial

Visitors can enter the Sphere from two levels. A series of circular catwalks inside the Sphere will allow visitors to approach the stones and place personal items for lost loves ones on foot-level ledges which travel alongside the paths. Visitors and families occupy only the perimeter, leaving the center vacant. An empty plinth will be left at the center of the memorial stones, a quite flat plane within which the unidentified remains will be placed

Concentric rings originating from the Sphere are embedded into the streets and sidewalks, increasing its connection to the local environment. Like ripples created from a stone thrown in a pond, these rings become faint as they get further from the memorial to imply that as time progresses, grief subsides and memory remains. The footprints of the original World Trade Centers are remembered as reflecting pools where the surface of the water is unoccupied

Even the trace rings cease at the locations where the towers once stood

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